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10 Ways Modular Data Centers Can Save Your Company Time & Money

When it comes to data center design, construction, and operation, the goal is to create a scalable, high-performance data center while expediting time-to-revenue. However, cost considerations will vary depending on where you are in data center deployment. You want to minimize construction costs, only if cutting construction costs will not negatively impact operational costs later. By deploying a modular data center, you can benefit cost savings in both construction and operations, ultimately minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

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5 Key Trends in Data Center Electrical Infrastructure


As computing technology continues to evolve, so too does data center design. The changes aren’t just faster servers and more efficient data storage, as the data center electrical infrastructure is changing as well. Existing data center electrical systems need to be upgraded to accommodate new hardware and maximize Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), while new data centers need to adopt the latest in electrical distribution centers and integrated switchboards to optimize the available space and provide power that can scale with data center expansion.

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6 Tips to Ensure Success During Your Modular Data Center Project

Data center design, engineering, and construction professionals are under increased pressure to build hyperscale data centers faster than ever before. The longer it takes to bring new data center capacity online, the longer the time to revenue. The ongoing challenge is to deliver more, scalable capacity in a shorter period of time, which is why systems architects are embracing modular data centers as the solution.

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Stick Build vs. Modular: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Data Center

Demand for new data center construction is on the rise, as corporations struggle to harness the growing flood of data needed for business analytics. While cloud computing services continue to prove valuable for data storage and remote processing, some computing tasks have to be handled closer to home. This is done to accommodate real-time data analytics, reduce latency delays, and address security concerns. 

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ISO Containers are NOT a Good Data Center Solution

Regardless of how you define the network “EDGE”, network capacity in closer proximity to the consumption and production of data is a requirement. When exploring data center solutions, the ISO shipping container is frequently part of the discussion. Modular, purpose built enclosures are a great solution for data centers. Modular hyperscale buildings like CyrusOne and Microsoft, enterprise data systems, and telecom systems are all a perfect fit for modular, but not shipping containers.

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Prefabrication Can Lower Construction Risk & Cost

A McKinsey & Company study reports that productivity in manufacturing has nearly doubled, whereas in construction it has remained flat, or even decreased.

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