4 Tips for Designing a Data Center Campus for the Future

Companies like Facebook and Amazon have massive data center campuses that house hundreds to thousands of data centers in a single location, providing computing power to tons of other businesses. With a powerful and robust data center footprint, these hyperscale organizations are able to stay on the forefront of innovation and continue to deliver exemplary experiences to all of their customers and users.

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How Data Center Design Impacts Patient Care

Today’s patients require access to their health records and necessitate communication with their providers at all times. In the age of electronic health records, telehealth, online patient scheduling and other patient-first tools, the healthcare industry has been forced to store, protect and manage more data than ever before.

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How to Shape Your Green Energy Goals, Starting with the Data Center

Energy conservation is a universal concern, especially with the impact that fossil fuels are having on the environment. Due to data centers being among the biggest consumers of energy, adopting green energy strategies as part of data center design and operations will result in fewer carbon emissions and substantial energy savings. Within this space, data center architects and operators are finding new ways to reduce energy demand and identify alternative energy sources to promote greener data centers.

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