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How to Avoid High Data Center Construction Costs Due to Supplier Layering

It’s no secret that data centers are expensive to build. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the average data center project carries a price tag of $215.5 million. With land to acquire, IT equipment to procure and construction costs to absorb, costs can skyrocket before you know it—which is why it’s so important to put a lot of thought and planning into how you approach data center design and construction.

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Construction Industry Trends 101: How Digital Technology Is Shaping Data Center Construction

Over the last several years, companies across all industries have been investing in digital transformation initiatives. In large part, these initiatives involve moving paper-based and manual processes over to the digital world, bringing efficiency and automation to workflows that have largely stayed the same for decades.

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3 Reasons Why Organizations are Shifting to Offsite Construction

Every commercial construction project has specific requirements and unique design challenges. There may be space limitations, scheduling issues, difficulties acquiring building materials and other concerns; and almost every construction project has to deal with limited budgets, tight deadlines, quality control and environmental regulations. Applying off-site construction can address all of these issues and more.

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