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DCD Recap: A Modular Approach for Modern Solutions

“We can’t solve the problems of today, with the solutions of 100 years ago,” proclaims PCX’s sales and marketing director, Rob Coyle. “Meeting with industry leaders face-to-face and learning about operator’s challenges, are some of the best ways to solve these problems, with modern solutions.”

Those solutions, however, could be just an engagement away, thanks to national conferences like Data Center Dynamics, where growing data center companies, providers and thought leaders congregate to discuss the future of digital infrastructure in colocation, cloud and managed service provider spaces.

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Recap: 2019 PCX Halloween Costume Celebration

Last week, PCX Corporation was supplied with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, delicious fresh baked donuts, and the sweet smell of candy, as Halloween took center stage at the Clayton facility. From application engineers dressed like superheroes to sales representatives sporting inspired outfits from their favorite movie personas, PCX office staff took the initiative and supplied the holiday spirit. But the PCX office was treated to more than just festive sweets and costumed antics, as the resounding success from the first annual Halloween Costume Celebration may have lasting effects on the corporation’s culture and team-building initiatives.

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The Road to an Open Solution: A Look inside PCX’s FLX-MDC™ 90kw Development Process

Modular is needed now more than ever.” These are the defining words of PCX’s Sales and Marketing Director Rob Coyle, who’s journey into the modular data sector was fostered by his passion for technology and his family’s generational background in construction. Coyle, a member of the Open Community, represented PCX Corporation at the 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Regional Summit, and has championed for the integration of the OCP's pillars of efficiency, scalability, openness and impact, with that of PCX’s drive to continually innovate and streamline protocols in the data center industry. The result? A collaborative, and industry first open solution, built on maximizing efficiency, the ability to scale to client needs, the provision of constructive client and open organizational system feedback, and the consistent evaluation of the center’s impact.

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