PCX Ships FLX-Power Lineups to Golf Entertainment Facility


Raleigh, NC – October 30, 2020 -- PCX announced today the company has completed shipment on fully-integrated, free standing FLX-PowerTM lineups, to one of the premier golf entertainment chains, to assist the facility in integrating and installing transformers quicker and more efficiently. The shipped electrical gear also comes equipped with specified surge suppression devices to protect critical electrical infrastructure within the client’s facility.

This latest shipment to the golf entertainment chain is part of an ongoing partnership, spanning 3 years, in which PCX has delivered switchgear, data center racks and more, to various golf entertainment facilities across the United States. For this shipment, PCX prewired all components within their controlled facilities, prior to deployment, to assist the client with system integration and energization for when it arrived on site. PCX’s vendor agnostic approach also allowed the client further control for integration and customization, as the client was afforded the opportunity to select a bespoke product for their specific needs and integrate it into the electrical gear under PCX’s UL Certification.

Rob Coyle, PCX Director of Sales and Marketing, stated PCX’s approach to the construction and completion of the onsite electrical room was paramount in meeting the client’s build schedule and grand opening date. “Electrical rooms are one of the last things to be complete on a construction site,” said Coyle. “As other trades or deliveries are delayed, the electrical scope is often compressed, which can lead to grand opening delays and requires electricians to prioritize building and integrating faster. This rushed approach compromises safety, reduces quality, and increases costs. PCX moved the electrical assembly offsite and away from the critical path, which ensured the client avoided these problems and received their product ready to energize when they needed it.”

For more information about PCX Corporation or any of its industry leading products and solutions, please call 919-550-2800, visit pcxcorp.com or network with us on LinkedIn.

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