PCX Completes Second FLX-Power Shipment to Golf Entertainment Chain


Raleigh, NC - December 28, 2020 -- PCX announced the company has completed a second shipment of fully-integrated and free standing FLX-PowerTM lineups, to one of the premier golf entertainment chains. This deployment is pre-wired and ready-to-energize, ensuring the chain can place the gear faster, safer, and more efficiently than traditional construction methods, while still allowing the client more control over integration and component customization to meet their specifications.

The bespoke solution developed and deployed to the golf chain is the second since October 2020, and was developed to remove friction from on-site delivery, while meeting the client’s specific requirements. Quicker, more efficient energization was at the core of the solution, and the PCX team’s vendor agnostic and modular approach to electrical systems enabled its development. PCX engineering specialists designed a modular switchboard solution from the golf chain’s standard architecture and MEP drawings, to provide a more streamlined, pre-tested switchgear lineup that removes delays involved with installation, wiring and critical component integration.

Rob Coyle, PCX’s Director of Sales & Marketing, states the PCX engineering team developed and enabled this customer-specific solution to provide the golf chain with safer and more sustainable switchgear, while continuing to improve and adapt offerings for the ongoing partnership between the organizations. “PCX’s FLX-PowerTM lineup is a fully-integrated and pre-tested solution that is ready for power on the day of delivery,” said Coyle. “This development approach, as well as our partnership, is continually improving and adapting. Our client’s shared desire to improve the construction process is at the core of both this partnership, and all others PCX strives to build, and together, we delivered a solution to the golf chain’s facility that improved safety, schedules and lowered the cost of the construction project.”

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