PCX Coordinator Implements New Safety Campaign for 2020


Raleigh, NC,  January 30, 2020 -- PCX’s Environmental Safety Department announced a new safety campaign for 2020 aimed at preventing workplace injuries and improving employee safety consciousness, at both the PCX Raleigh and Clayton facilities. Through education and collaborative training activities, the campaign will help safeguard and empower employees to continue making health-conscious decisions while on the job, based on the company’s increased emphasis on hazard perception and environmental awareness.

The new “Slips, Trips and Falls” prevention campaign will include a mix of traditional and new media promotions for PCX staff members to observe and learn from, to ensure staff members understand best practices for staying safe in the workplace. A large portion of the campaign will emphasize the effects that an injury can instill on an employee’s personal life, outside of the work environment, to highlight the need for continued individual vigilance in the workplace. To push this dual-focus, brochures and fact sheets underlining key safety topics with be distributed, while safety-specific videos and accompanying questionnaires will be offered to employees as part of the campaign. Weekly safety meetings will also be integrated to help reinforce the information and provide proactive methods for employees to implement in their daily work routines.

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator Jeff Burke, stated the campaign will empower employees to continually make safe and beneficial decisions while in the workplace and at home. “Employees want to work in a safe environment,” said Burke. “It’s our duty to make sure that in addition to being safe and being able to make safe decisions in the workplace, that our employees feel their best interests are being looked after. Employees can then embrace safety culture more readily because they are aware of hazards and the effects of the injuries caused by a lack of awareness. It’s our duty to create a passion for safety and health awareness, as this makes possible the collaborative goal of improvement, which we all strive toward.”

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