PCX Completes First Shipment of Custom-Built Power Equipment Centers


Raleigh, NC, February 6, 2020 --  PCX announced the company has completed the first shipment and installation of three custom-built power equipment centers, to the Department of Public Utilities in Durham, NC. Each of the three fabricated shipments are currently being deployed separately, with the next two shipments being installed within the next 30-60 days.

PCX worked with Hazen and Sawyer Engineering to design each of the three custom-built centers to include power equipment and drive systems, to integrate with the facility’s existing critical pump control and regulatory network. The newly developed centers will help the department expand their existing facility’s capacity, optimize their operation system and increase waste processing on site.

Additionally, PCX worked with Hazen and Sawyer Engineering to develop a design intended to make the centers more aesthetically pleasing for the department, while camouflaging the enclosures to match existing site conditions. This design includes a brick façade and a vaulted roof that better blends each of the new centers into the department’s longstanding architecture. PCX Vice President of Engineering Services and Site Integration Dean Di Lillo, said the design utilized to camouflage the centers exemplifies PCX’s commitment to providing a unique, practical solution to clients’ challenges. “We worked closely with Hazen and Sawyer to construct a plan to provide the department with an optimal, customized solution,” said Di Lillo. We strived to provide a solution that met their needs of utilizing an offsite fabricated solution, but didn’t appear to be offsite fabricated or modular. The best of both worlds.”

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