PCX Completes FLX-MDC Data Center Shipment to Global Retail Chain


Raleigh, NC - August 27, 2020 -- PCX announced today the company has completed shipment on their 60kW FLX-MDCTM modular data center, for one of the world’s largest retail superstore chains, to improve the efficiency of the chain’s distribution centers. The data center, which was ordered in May of 2020 and constructed over a 12-week span, was delivered to the chain on August 20, 2020 and subsequently energized on August 25. The on-premises data center will officially go online in the coming weeks.

The commissioned data center is part of an ongoing effort by the retail chain to modernize their current distribution centers and support the unprecedented demand in online shopping, caused in-part by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s integration of new logistics devices and workstations necessitated a new power supply and IT infrastructure for support, which PCX’s data center was built to offer. The addition of PCX’s on-premises data center and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup power system ensures the chain now has the reliability and redundancy to keep their business moving forward.

PCX was poised to meet both the requirements and specifications for the retail chain’s commissioned data center. PCX Director of Sales & Marketing, Rob Coyle, stated the modular approach to constructing the data center was the only way the project could meet both the proposed schedules and specifications for the project, as stick-building a server room could not meet the needs of the client. “A crucial part of this project was the go-live date for the retail chain,” said Coyle. “PCX provided a proven FLX-MDCTM design that accelerated the engineering and design process, which was critical for supporting the retail chain's capacity additions needed for the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

Coyle also stated that PCX’s vendor-agnostic approach to adding modular data center (MDC) components were vital for matching the client’s needs and their current systems. “In addition to meeting proposed schedules, the retail chain had a need for a mix of best in-class devices from multiple vendors,” said Coyle.” PCX’s vendor agnostic approach allowed the flexibility to accept switch-gear, IT Racks and UPS components from multiple vendors. We also incorporated owner furnished equipment to take advantage of their existing price and service agreements.”

For official updates on the COVID-19 virus, information and protective precautions, please visit https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019. For more information about PCX Corporation or any of its industry leading products and solutions, please call 919-550-2800, visit pcxcorp.com or network with us on LinkedIn.

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