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PCX Transfers, Recertifies and Adds Site to ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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Raleigh, NC – March 25, 2020 — Today, PCX has announced it has transferred and recertified its ISO 9001:2015 quality management system with Advantage International Registrar (AIR), for the company’s Clayton facility, while adding a second certified site in Raleigh. The recertification and addition of a second certified site ensures PCX’s manufacturing, management and documentation protocols remain organized, efficient and continually improve, to provide services and products that meet customer and regulatory specifications. PCX’s quality management system was assessed and certified through a 4.5-day on-site audit from AIR assessors at the Clayton and Raleigh facilities.

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What Is ISO 9001:2015 and Why Does it Matter for Your Modular Data Center Project?

When looking for the right modular data center supplier, you want to be sure you work with professionals who comply with international standards. Even if you are having a turnkey data center delivered, that data center still needs to be installed, inspected and maintained—and without standards, you have no way of knowing what’s going on under the hood, let alone how to fix it.Standards compliance plays an important role in all aspects of modular data center design and construction, especially quality control and quality assurance standards.

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How The 8 Quality Management Principles of ISO 9001:2015 Impact Data Center Construction


Quality management is essential in any construction or fabrication process, including data center construction. No matter what the industry, customers expect quality goods and workmanship, which is why industry standards like ISO 9001 were developed. By using globally recognized standards, everyone in the production process, including the customer, knows what to expect from the quality assurance process. Industry standards also provide a common language to define what is meant by "quality".

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“The ISO 9001 certification is a signal to many of our customers. It broadcasts our commitment to quality services and products, while ensuring we are spurring innovation within our industries. There’s no room for anything less here at PCX.”


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