New Staff Preparation Initiative Implemented by PCX Environmental Coordinator


Clayton, NC, October 7, 2019 -- Today, PCX officially announced the implementation of a new staff preparation initiative to reduce injuries and increase morale in select production areas of the Clayton, NC facility. The voluntary program, called “Stretch & FLX,” allows PCX staff members the ability to reduce fatigue and increase their alertness, through routine stretching. The program will take place at 6 a.m. of each work day, to provide over 75-80 participants collaborative and positive physical preparation for project tasks-at-hand.

Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Jeff Burke, has worked on implementing this program for over a year, as he conferred with Production Manager Pat Di Lillo and Manufacturing Manager Ryan Gavin to provide a time and place for employees to focus on their physical conditioning. “I believe this program brings everyone together in the morning to simply stop and stretch,” said Burke. "This program benefits our team and allows individuals to focus, clear their minds and begin the workday without being rushed.”

Burke also stated in addition to benefiting employees within the workplace, Stretch & FLX cements confidence in the management team’s ability to care for, and properly prepare employees for a project’s physical demands. “This type of continual improvement isn’t just a line in our quality policy, it is promoted through all levels of our organization,” Burke said. “This program will assure employee wellness and send a message we value, above all else, the wellbeing and quality of life of our employees.”

Burke, who is currently leading the Clayton facility’s program, will look to implement a similar program at the Raleigh Facility in the weeks to come. This news comes as part of Burke’s and PCX’s effort to utilize staff feedback to authorize more programs like the Stretch & FLX. “Right now the response is positive, and I can already see the team building benefits paying off,” said Burke. “A team that bonds together works well together, and the benefits from that alone are priceless.”

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