PCX Deploys Additional Modular Data Centers to Global Superstore Chain


Raleigh, NC – PCX announced today the company has completed shipment of two additional 60 kilowatt (kW) FLX-branded modular data centers to support multiple distribution centers owned and operated by one of the world’s largest superstore chains. The deployed FLX-MDC™s include IT racks, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and batteries with maintenance bypass, automatic transfer switch (ATS) and redundant IT cooling, all housed within a steel enclosure designed to withstand the elements. HP servers are also slated to be installed within the enclosure after module placement onsite.

The client’s use of prefabricated modular data centers began in 2020, when PCX delivered an initial concept to a distribution center owned by the global superstore chain in the Midwest United States. Once the concept was proven as an integral part of the client’s distribution strategy, the end-user collaborated with PCX to optimize performance of the design, based on the IT requirements. Additional engineering of the design assisted in reducing the fabrication time, which enabled a faster, more flexible deployment.

With multiple units in concurrent production, PCX optimized the staging of materials and the flow of work to drive efficiencies in the build process, which reduced the time-to-deployment to meet the client’s aggressive schedule. While the client supplied many of the critical IT components, PCX fully integrated the solution, pre-wiring all components for a fully operational turnkey solution. PCX’s rigid quality control processes mitigated startup issues, while off-site construction of the units reduced the amount of field labor required.

With this shipment complete, PCX is slated to ship three more 60 kW modular data centers to the client. For more information about PCX Corporation or any of its industry leading modular data center products and solutions, please call 919-550-2800, visit pcxcorp.com or network with us on LinkedIn.

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