A Complete Guide to Shipping and Installing Modular Data Centers

There’s a reason more and more companies are opting to go with modular data centers: They just make sense. 

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Construction Industry Trends 101: How Prefabrication Is Changing Modern Construction

It used to be that if your organization needed a data center, you had no choice but to break ground on-site and take the traditional stick-built approach for your construction project. 

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3 Industries Where Modular Data Centers Just Makes Sense

It used to be that if you needed a data center, you had one option: the traditional stick-built approach. When it was time to break ground, construction companies and contractors would show up on-site and get to work. As the project moved forward, you’d cross your fingers and hope there wouldn’t be any major delays—and that the data center that was ultimately built would actually meet your requirements, keep to your schedule, and fit within your budget.

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How You Can Reduce Downtime During Data Center Construction

If you’ve ever been in an office when construction is happening, you know how distracting it can be. You’re trying to concentrate, but all you can hear is the thud, thud, thud of the hammer. Let’s hope you have headphones to block out the noise or you’re able to find a quieter place to work. Otherwise, it’s going to be essentially impossible to work at your full capacity.

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Infographic: Why Choose PCX as Your Modular Data Center Partner?

Choosing a partner to handle your data center construction project is a critical decision that will greatly impact the outcome of your project. As one of the pioneers in the field of modular data centers and construction, we know what it takes to keep your projects on schedule and within budget, regardless of the situation. 

As you’re narrowing down your options for your next data center project, use this infographic to see why PCX is a proven leader in off-site modular construction and data center design.

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How to Establish a Vendor-Agnostic Data Center Design

When it comes time to design a new data center, it can be easy to source all of your materials from a single supplier. Though it might simplify the procurement process to do it this way—and you might even be able to take advantage of discounts with that approach—it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best outcome for your business.

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Construction Industry Trends 101: How Digital Technology Is Shaping Data Center Construction

Over the last several years, companies across all industries have been investing in digital transformation initiatives. In large part, these initiatives involve moving paper-based and manual processes over to the digital world, bringing efficiency and automation to workflows that have largely stayed the same for decades.

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Open for All, Digitally: An Interview with PCX's Rob Coyle on the 2020 OCP Virtual Summit


“There is no greater concentration of computing professionals in a single place interested in efficiency, scale, openness and impact, than the OCP summit,” stated Rob Coyle, PCX’s director of sales and marketing.

Coyle, who oversees the customer’s journey at PCX Corporation, while working to remove friction from the client’s problem-solving process, recently presented and hosted an industry discussion at the 2020 Open Compute Project (OCP) virtual summit. Coyle, who has extensive experience selling and working within both the commercial construction and data center markets, has become a veteran attendee and presenter at OCP conferences perennially. However, Coyle experienced a very different summit in 2020, due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to Accurately Assess Your Company’s Data Center Design Requirements

Once you’ve decided to build a new data center, the work is just getting started. 

You can’t just expect to build just any facility and get the results your business needs. Instead, you need to figure out the precise solution your company needs to be successful—one that’s built to support your specific requirements, and not somebody else’s.

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Why Modular Data Centers Make Sense for Large Corporations

In some ways, it’s hard to believe, but massive organizations like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are still scaling. These hyperscalers continue to bring more products and services online and deliver them to an increasing number of users scattered across the globe.

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