Overwhelmed with uncertainty about how to resume or maintain your construction projects during the pandemic?

Unfortunately, for the construction industry, the pandemic isn't the only outside factor influencing projects. The shortage of skilled laborers, the increasing cost of materials, rising real estate prices and the aging national infrastructure are all contributing to missed deadlines, cost overruns and poor project quality. 

But that doesn't mean construction is doomed. In fact, data center demand is skyrocketing thanks to the increase in digital communication tools, data hosting programs, streaming application usage and remote work. 

To help guide you through the uncertainty, PCX recently hosted a webinar with Rob Coyle, Director of Sales and Marketing at PCX, as he met with John Hicks of Primary Integration and Brian Stamper of Advantic to discuss the factors influencing data centers and how you can progress your data center project during the pandemic.

During the webinar, these industry experts discussed:

  • Major trends affecting the construction industry 
  • Economic pressures caused by COVID-19
  • The effect of data center development being deemed essential
  • Data center demand and usage caused by remote work and streaming

Watch the webinar video by filling out the form on this page. 


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