The data center industry was already experiencing unprecedented growth, due in large part to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but now the elevated demand is greatly attributed to lifestyle and workforce changes precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses demand more data to drive operations, several key factors—such as cloud computing for big data—continue to motivate change in the industry. 

In The State of the Data Center Industry Post-Pandemic, you’ll get insights into:

  • The external factors shaping the data center evolution.
  • The pressures driving changes in data center design.
  • The need for new engineering and design skills.
  • The long-term data center forecast post-pandemic.

At PCX, we have learned that predicting trends is an imperfect science, as data center needs rapidly changed during the pandemic. PCX enables fast deployment of modular data centers and colocation facilities, accelerating your project timeline and lowering total cost of ownership.  

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