When your organization decides to work with a leading international electrical and industrial power management company, there are often partner companies working behind the scenes that help bring your project to life. If you’ve ever had a unique construction or power need, that partner was likely PCX. 

What started as a traditional relationship between an integrator and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), has now grown into a full-fledged partnership, with both PCX and the power management company’s (PMC) engineering teams working together to design and develop unique solutions to their customers’ critical project challenges.

How’d we get here, and what does this partnership mean for your organization?

In this case study, we detail:

  • How PCX and the PMC came together to form a unique, lasting partnership
  • How the partnership allows for flexible, custom problem-solving to meet client specifications and address their needs
  • An example of the partnership’s success involving a U.S. Air Force project
  • How PCX approaches challenging projects to provide a more efficient approach to construction, while expediting timelines and cutting client costs
  • And more!

Discover how partnering with PCX and the PMC is one of the best ways to bring your unique project ideas to fruition. Download the case study today! 


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