PCX to Unveil New FLX-MDC™ at 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit


Clayton, NC, September 23, 2019 -- Today, PCX Corporation announced they will be unveiling their new “All-In-One” FLX-MDC™ 90kw Modular Data Center (MDC), during their presentation at the 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Regional Summit, on September 27, 2019. The new FLX model will be the first MDC developed directly with feedback from 24 OCP affiliated organizations, and will exemplify PCX’s commitment to optimizing their current lineup of FLX branded MDC’s for efficiency, speed and cost effectiveness.

The new MDC will provide clients with a total capacity IT-load of 90 kilowatts as a starting point for deployment,  but can be scaled up in conjunction with multiple FLX branded MDC's to meet greater client demands. In addition, the new MDC enables all clients the freedom to utilize different vendor specific components at all steps in the planning, budgeting, construction and servicing processes. This allows PCX’s clients to optimize their MDC, through the integration of various electrical, cooling and IT components, to fit their unique needs.

PCX Sales and Marketing Director Rob Coyle, stated the flexibility and eco-friendly manufacturing of the FLX-MDC™ 90kw will allow clients to utilize the benefits of the system longer, with a reduction in point-source waste production, thanks to the collaboration with the OCP community. “All the systems we build bring the value of increased efficiency and scalability, while positively impacting our clients business, “ said Coyle. “By utilizing the OCP specifications to standardize the MDC architecture, we can reduce costs, respond to needs faster and continually improve the performance of our systems.”

PCX Engineering Manager Jason Ball, P.E., stated the ease of servicing and customization inherent to the FLX-MDC™ 90kw will take PCX “to the edge of the market.” In speaking about the size of the new MDC, Ball contrasted it with container housing units for data centers, as he stated the new MDC is “exponentially larger” than a container, and provides a smaller ecological footprint. “We’re developing a more optimal, fixed envelope, that is infinitely customizable,” said Ball. “That’s the beauty and necessity of our FLX data centers; they’re made to a standard, but you can better tailor the content specifications for almost any application.”

The 2019 OCP Regional Summit will take place at the RAI Amsterdam convention center on September 26, 2019 at 9 a.m. CET and 3 p.m. EST. To browse more information on the OCP Regional Summit, the event schedule or partnered attendees, please visit www.opencompute.org/summit/regional-summit. For more information about PCX Corporation, its FLX Modular Data Center line or any of its industry leading products and solutions, please call 919-550-2800, visit pcxcorp.com or network with us on LinkedIn.

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