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As an OCP Accepted™ product and the first FLX-branded modular data center to be developed in conjunction with 24 affiliated Open Compute Project (OCP) companies, the FLX-MDC™ 90kW is the latest demonstration of PCX's commitment to optimizing modular data centers for speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness, energy conservation and waste reduction.


With the freedom to select data center components from a wide variety of manufacturers and the flexibility to combine multiple FLX-MDC branded data centers to fit unique client needs, the new FLX-MDC™ 90kw will be an open solution for our clients and the industry.


Included within this reference sheet:

  • 90kw w/UPS Layout 
  • List of Components
  • Specifications
  • Relative Pricing

Specifications within this reference sheet:

  • Total Capacity IT-Load
  • Number of Racks
  • Average Density of Racks Deployed
  • Maximum Density
  • Internal & External Dimensions
  • Module Weight

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“All the systems we build bring the value of increased efficiency and scalability, while positively impacting our client's business. By utilizing the OCP specifications to standardize the MDC architecture, we can reduce costs, respond to needs faster and continually improve the performance of our systems.”

PCX-logo (2) Rob Coyle - Director of Sales & Marketing

“We’re developing a more optimal, fixed envelope, that is infinitely customizable. That’s the beauty and necessity of our FLX data centers; they’re made to a standard, but you can better tailor the content specifications for almost any application.


PCX-logo (2) Jason Ball, P.E. - Engineering Manager