The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented growth in data demand, due to remote work and shelter-in-place orders nationwide. Data center maintenance, construction and expedited deployment will be of critical importance to ensuring companies have the necessary computing and storage capacity to complete mission critical tasks during this time. Projects will need to continue, but worker safety, restricted access to customer on-site visits and supply chain delays can all cause disruptions to the design and development process for new data centers.

To help you understand the factors necessitating quick, efficient data center deployment during the pandemic, and to keep your data center project progressing during this trying time, we put together an encompassing eBook: How COVID-19 Has Affected Data Center Deployment.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How shelter-in-place orders and remote work is increasing data demand.
  • Why companies will need to commission fast-to-market data centers to handle increased data volume.
  • How essential construction is affecting data center deployment and critical businesses tied to data center supply chains.
  • What precautions data center manufacturers and prefabricators are taking to ensure projects are safe, while remaining on schedule.
  • How data center supply chains have been affected and what you can do to ensure your project stays on track during the pandemic.

Ensure your next data center construction project stays on track during these trying times by filling out the form and downloading the eBook today!



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