In May of 2020, PCX announced the company shipped the first group of personal protective equipment (PPE) sterilization chambers to a global research and development organization, for deployment across the United States. The first order of 25 PPE sterilization chambers were manufactured and expedited over a two week span to aid COVID-19 relief efforts, provide proper decontamination protocol for N95 respirators and actively mitigate the N95 respirator deficit.

Read the official release, featured in Industry Today's Manufacturing During a Crisis: Top Companies on The Front Lines:

  • Learn more about "Project Lifeguard" and PCX's continued efforts to support medical industry front-line workers during the pandemic.
  • See how PCX worked around the clock to prioritize and expedite development of PPE sterilization chambers over a two-week span, by employing the advantages of off-site construction.
  • Discover how PCX's turn-key solution for a global research and development organziation  will provide over 14 operational states with proper decontamination protocols for N95 masks.

Download our featured article - reproduced with kind permission from Industry Today - and learn more about how PCX is actively supporting efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


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