Now more than ever, tenants want to work with flexible colocation providers who are capable of supporting their organization’s capacity needs quickly, when and where it’s needed.

If your facility can’t meet tenant demands, they’ll take their business to a provider who can. But by adopting modular colocation, you’re enabling your facility to meet the most unique customer requirements at a moment's notice. 

Watch the video to see panelists from the PCX, Open Compute Project and Rittal, as we discuss how modular colocation allows providers to:

  • Deploy infrastructure quickly 
  • Reduce operational costs and stranded capacity 
  • Prebuild capacity and deploy to any of your facilities as needed
  • Increase the resiliency of your facilities and prepare for the future
  • Reduce supply chain hiccups and costly delays
  • And much more!

Learn more about utilizing modular colocation to ensure your organization can meet its clients’ critical needs, by watching the video today!


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"OCP and PCX have been working together to lead the way for open collaboration and vendor-agnostic solutions for the modular data center. PCX's leadership is also reflected in the OCP Community as they are helping us lead this effort within our Data Center Facility team. Their expertise and their guidance have been instrumental in defining the requirements for the OCP Ready ™ Facility Recognition Program for Modular Data Centers."


Archna Haylock
Director of Community
Open Compute Project (OCP)