The healthcare industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in medical and patient-centric data.

Experts predict this increase will only become larger, as the healthcare industry continues to see the quickest growth in data, compared to all other sectors. Patient care is the number one priority, but it can be affected by other, critical facility factors, including optimizing digital patient and staff access to information, maximizing the utility of the healthcare facility and meeting budgetary thresholds.

With all of these factors influencing the quality and scope of patient-care, medical facilities will need to deploy and integrate turnkey modular data center solutions to ensure they provide the necessary care for their patients.

To help you better understand the factors influencing the growth of data in the medical industry, and what your practice can do to handle this rapid growth, while providing the highest quality of care, we partnered with ITRenew to bring you our latest infographic: Turnkey Modular Data Centers for the Medical Sector

Access the infographic to learn more about: 

  • How healthcare industry data has grown exponentially in the last decade.
  • How real-estate values, facility efficiency, care models and fiscal concerns are influencing medical industry solutions for data management and processing.
  • The benefits of on-premise data center solutions for meeting the critical needs of medical facilities.
  • How medical record adoption and technological innovation within the sector are creating new goals, for medical facilities and practitioners, to meet.
  • And much more!

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