With more and more patients seeking care, medical facility data demands are rapidly increasing. Practices across the country are feeling the pressure to improve patient healthcare efficiency and optimize their critical IT systems to handle an unprecedented abundance of patient-centric data. This shift has only been further accelerated in recent months by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Add operational and regulatory mandates to the influx of patients seeking care, and it’s clear why increasingly, practices are turning to new technology models to streamline their day-to-day processes, scale capacity and maximize responsiveness—from patient intake and electronic health record management, to comprehensive medical imaging, telehealth and more!

With all of these new demands, your practice’s critical IT infrastructure will need to be evaluated and enhanced, as your systems are the key to delivering the best possible patient care and the patient experience.

To help you better understand how to plan for, manage and optimize the new data storage and processing requirements for your practice, we partnered with ITRenew to bring you our latest webinar, How Turnkey Data Center Solutions Improve Patient-Healthcare Efficiency

Watch the webinar recording to discover: 

  • How fast, efficient and reliable data storage and processing is critical for patient care
  • How turnkey data center solutions take guesswork, time and expense out of data center deployment, helping healthcare facilities manage costs, while prioritizing patient care
  • The benefits of on-premise data center solutions for rapid medical imaging, electronic health record accessibility, patient communication and workflows 
  • How on-premises solutions operate in accordance with your legacy data processing and storage systems.
  • And much more!

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