Vendor lock-in happens when your data center project is contracted to a single vendor’s inventory—or even a single brand—for every critical component. 

With supply chains already fragile due to COVID-19, the added constraints of vendor lock-in can lead to delayed timelines and budget overruns, especially in the event a specific part that is needed to finish the project can’t be sourced in time. 

As vendor lock-in has become a more apparent and project-limiting problem in the industry, the Open Compute Project (OCP) has been working to address the issue head-on, reimagining the construction process with the end goal of creating efficient, flexible and scalable data centers. 

PCX shares and champions these same ideals, and we’ve partnered with the OCP to shed light on the inefficiencies associated with traditional construction, while continually working to provide a better path forward. 

In collaboration with the OCP, we’ve put together a free resource, The Guide to Open Collaboration and Vendor Agnosticism in Data Centers, to answer pressing questions, such as:

  • What is vendor lock-in?
  • How is the OCP helping to remediate vendor lock-in? 
  • What is an open-source data center, and how can it help?
  • Which companies should leverage an open data center?
  • And more! 

Take steps to optimize your data center construction process today, by downloading this free resource. 


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"OCP and PCX have been working together to lead the way for open collaboration and vendor-agnostic solutions for the modular data center. PCX's leadership is also reflected in the OCP Community as they are helping us lead this effort within our Data Center Facility team. Their expertise and their guidance have been instrumental in defining the requirements for the OCP Ready ™ Facility Recognition Program for Modular Data Centers."

Archna Haylock
Director of Community
Open Compute Project (OCP)